It may be a long shot that he’ll actually make it to West Michigan, but we can all hope!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted on social media today that he just landed in Detroit.

Thankfully, his plane didn’t slide off the runway; but unfortunately for anyone who enjoys seeing the recently named “Sexiest Man Alive” shirtless… he was fully dressed and a bit cold according to his post:

"That face you make when that Detroit cold hits you."

He’s currently in "the Mitten State" with his production company Seven Bucks Productions to film a commercial for Ford.

Hopefully he also follows Kristen and Dax on Instagram, saw how much fun they had on the west side of the state, and will bring whatever FORD vehicle (preferably SUV with all the snow) he’s showcasing to the Grand Rapids area.  Fingers crossed.

source: Facebook, MLive

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