Different holiday, same question - is it safe to get together with family and friends?

As we roll into Easter weekend, and coronavirus cases in Michigan are the highest in the country, are you concerned about getting together with family and friends for Easter egg hunts and Easter dinner?

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My family decided last month that we would be celebrating together, but that was before this latest rise in COVID-19 numbers in Michigan. We did address the situation again earlier this week, and we are still opting to get together. I should preface that my mom and my step-dad have both been vaccinated, one of my sisters and my brother-in-law have received both shots as well.

I have yet to be vaccinated (waiting on a call back) and my other sister Tuesday has not been either. That makes a total of 6 adults and 4 kids at Easter dinner. I feel okay with that, but I did ask my mom if she would make all of our dinner plates up so not everyone was touching serving utensils, and I did make it clear that I would be bringing my own bottle of wine (full disclosure I brought my own bottle prior to COVID).

What about you and your family? Do you feel comfortable getting together, and have a majority of your family members been vaccinated too? Maybe you and your family do not want to be vaccinated, do you have any concerns about spending time together for Easter? Who knows, maybe you don't want to get together with your family for reasons other than the coronavirus.

Whatever you decide, I hope your Easter is filled with ham, chocolate bunnies, and deviled eggs. Maybe not all in one sitting though. Happy Easter.

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