It hasn't happened since 2019 but when it returns this weekend people in West Michigan could be dealing with a traffic nightmare.

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This weekend the Electric Forest Music Festival returns to Rothbury, Michigan

Credit: Electric Forest via Facebook
Credit: Electric Forest via Facebook

Traffic Trouble Could Be Possible

The Michigan State Police say there could be a major increase in traffic in that area.
MSP Lt. Michelle Robinson told WZZM 13 

"I would say at least four times the amount of vehicles, they do expect, all tickets were sold."


How Are They Dealing With The Increase In Traffic

The Michigan State Police are encouraging travelers on 31 to stay in the left-hand lane if they aren't coming to the festival. They have also blocked off several roads in the area to keep traffic flowing.

Don't Follow Your GPS

MSP Lt. Michelle Robinson also told WZZM 13 that people going to the concert are asked to NOT follow their GPS

 "We ask that anybody that is coming to attend the festival, follow the map that is given to you by the festival, Don't try to rely on your GPS, that may take you out of the way."


When Is Electric Music Festival

The Electric Music Festival takes place from Thursday, June 23rd - Sunday, June 26th, 2022 in Rothbury, Michigan

Electric Forest Festival Lineup 2022

Electric Forest via Facebook
Electric Forest via Facebook

The Michigan State Police are also saying that it's possible that drivers in that area could see traffic delays on Monday from people leaving the festival.

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