Grand Rapids police have reported that one person has died after an electric scooter accident in Grand Rapids on Friday night.

Elle Yared was found dead at 10:30pm on Friday night after police were dispatched to Lake Drive and Eastern Avenue.  Elle had been riding a rentable electric scooter and fell off, fatally hitting her head.

Wood TV 8 is reporting that Elle had fallen from the scooter several times throughout the evening before eventually striking her head, which caused a brain injury that led to her death.  It is also being reported that alcohol might have been a factor in her death.  33-year-old Elle Yared died at the scene of the crash.

The scooters have been available for rent since last October and are owned by Spin, which is backed by Ford Motor Company.

There have been dozens of deaths tied to several different brands of electric scooters in the past several years.  According to the Wood TV 8 article, Spin was reached for comment but did not reply.

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