While there are many places in downtown to grab a beer, sit down for a meal, or do some shopping. Elliott's News is shutting it's doors early 2017.

TownSquare Media

Sorry it's blurry. I'll transcribe it so you can read it.


It is with great difficulty and a heavy
heart that we are notifying you that we
have been told to vacate the building on:


It has been our pleasure to serve you for
nearly 50 years. We would like to thank you
so very much for your patronage and loyalty.

Elliott's News

Sad times for the Elliotts crew 40+ years is a practically a life time. I guess they're going to retire.

As a new resident to Grand Rapids, I can only speak about what I know. The radio station I work at shares the building with Elliotts.

When I started working here back in August of 2015, my first impression of the 'Huntington Building' was just being 'impressed'. My office was on the 5th floor and but we shared the building with a TGIFridays, Huntington Bank (that had some offices), there's someone who uses the 4th floor, and of course Elliott's.

I spent quite a few elevator rides trying to imagine what company or business would move in next. Sadly no one moved in. In fact it's down to just us, Elliotts and the mystery 4th floor people.

The thing I always liked about Elliotts was if I had a headache, if I needed some sinus medicine, or even if I just wanted to grab a newspaper / magazine. I was good to go. Elliott's was my one stop shop in downtown.

I honestly don't think there is anything that can replace it. By that I mean, I don't think there are any businesses currently in operation within 4 blocks I could walk to to grab some over the counter meds or my favorite kind of chips and pop (that we don't keep in the vending machine for some reason).

You want food, brews, shopping, dentistry, eye care. You're good. Today's paper? Tough luck.

Anyway, the next time you're downtown and they're open swing by and buy a bag of chips or magazine and help out this local business as they call it a day.