Three key players left the NBC sketch comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' this week, but only one got a send off from Detroit rap icon, Eminem.

Pete Davidson Is Leaving After Eight Season On 'SNL'

It was confirmed this weekend that Davidson, along with Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant are leaving the cast of SNL following this week's show.

McKinnon and Davidson both had a chance to say goodbye to the audience through skits on the show, including a video featuring Pete Davidson doing a rap tribute to long time producer Lorne Michaels.

The Rap Was Supposed To Be A Duet With Michaels

The basic conceit of Davidson's rap video was that Michaels had written a rap duet to be performed with Pete on his last show. The rap featured Davidson dressed up as Michaels and rapping 'Forgot About Lorne' to the tune of the Eminem classic 'Forgot About Dre', which was Em's tip of the cap to HIS long time producer Dr. Dre.

After Davidson was nearing the end of his rap praising his boss for the last seasons, the famed Detroit rapper appeared and told Davidson to quit rapping because he wasn't any good, and he was tired of him ripping off his rhymes.

"What are you doing, man?" Eminem says as he confronts the future Mr. Kim Kardashian.

"Do you not like the videos?...They're a tribute," counters Pete.

"Just please stop." Em demands, and then leaves with a not so veiled threat, "Don't (bleeping) do it again!"

At that point Davidson turns to "Lorne" (played by a body double) and yells, "YOU BLEW IT!"

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