It's called Dry Salt Therapy. It is a holistic, drug free, and natural therapy that promotes better breathing, healthier skin, deeper sleep, as well as improved improved physical fitness and endurance, and just overall wellness.

You've probably seen the salt lamps that you can buy for your home. Maybe you even have one. I do! (I bought it because it was cool looking, didn't realize it came with all the health benefits!)

One of the newest trends is do dry salt therapy. They call the places that offer this service "salt caves". There are only about 300 currently in the United States. We now have one located right here in the Grand Rapids area.

It's called Pink Lounge: Dry Salt Therapy. It is located at 3105 Broadmoor Ave., in Grand Rapids. It features dry salt therapy rooms with over $30,000 worth of Himalayan pink salt imported from the Punjab region of modern Pakistan.

Some of the services that the Pink Lounge offers include walking therapy on salted floors, pink Himalayan salt beds for laying, and warm salt domes for meditation.

Doors open to the public on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 4:00 pm. They are strongly encouraging advance appointments. You can make an appointment online here.

You can watch their V.I.P. Grand Opening Tour from their Facebook Page...

They also have a retail store where you can buy salts of your very own. According to their website: "Our Bulk Salts are authentic. The Pink Himalayan Salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Jhelum District, and Punjab. The Dead Sea Salt comes directly from the shores of the Dead Sea. The salt and minerals in the Dead Sea provide immense benefits to the skin and body. Each mineral offers unique value and when combined together, these essential minerals and salt are a powerhouse for maximum skin, body, and mental health."

For more information, check out their website

Here is a video from Fox 17...



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