Grand Rapids has gotten noticed for a lot of things in recent years: art, health care, beer, and much more.

Now, our "weird" brewery locations are getting attention, too.

Esquire's story titled"The 14 Weirdest Brewery Locations in America" includes a gas station, a former jailhouse and a military base. It also includes a ballpark, a casino, an airport and a diner.

I guess "weird" is in the eye of the beholder.

Brewery Vivant made the list because their building was once a funeral home.

Esquire says the beers "are so good, you might quickly find yourself embalmed."

Brewery Vivant had a response for all of this "weird" talk.

Well played, Brewery Vivant.

I don't think "weird" is the right word either, but I just might have to stop by to be sure.

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