We here in the Middle West of the United States have many (to us) normal food items. Who hasn't had Superman ice cream or a pasty?

Most of the rest of the country, that's who! Here's a list of 21 things only us here in the Midwest eat! So make yourself a Boston Cooler and enjoy!

"Frozen custard

Where to find it: Throughout the Midwest
What it is: Basically ice cream, but richer because of egg yolk, which lands it somewhere between gelato and hard scoops. “Oh, come on,” you say, elongating your vowels in that glorious Midwestern drawl. “You can get this stuff everywhere.” And while it does make appearances occasionally throughout the country, you’d be surprised at how rare it is once you leave. There are stands on damn near every corner in Wisconsin, and even big chains like Culver’s carry it.

Coney dogs

Where to get them: Michigan
What they are: Hot dogs are a big deal in the Midwest, with Chicago’s hogging the glory. In Michigan, though, they’re treated with the utmost respect. Hell, there are even regulations in place to make sure only top-quality meat’s used. And the vessel of worship is the coney, which has nothing to do with Brooklyn and everything to do with a beanless chili-topped dog with raw onions and mustard. The glorious chili tends to be more liquid-y than Detroit-style and is the consistency of taco meat for Flint-style. You can get one everywhere in the state. And you should.

Jeff Waraniak/Thrillist
Jeff Waraniak/Thrillist

Fried brain sandwiches

Where to get them: St. Louis, mainly, though spots in Indiana and Ohio serve them too
What they are: It’s not a clever name. Fried. Brain. Sandwiches. Usually it’s a cow or pig brain. Either way, it’s lightly fried and usually served on rye bread. And it’s delicious. Tender, fatty, and really mushy, kind of like sweet scrambled eggs. But, you know, brains.

Ummmm. What?

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