This year marks the 20th anniversary of the hit comedy sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, and according to the Emmy-winning show's namesake star, a reunion is happening!

On Friday (January 15) Romano spoke with ET and revealed during the premiere for his new series on HBO, Vinyl, that a reunion was "in the works right now," sharing, "I think we might be going to Austin for the festival—the South by Southwest festival—and I think they're gonna have a little thing for us and get us together."

A rep later confirmed to ET that the reunion will not be held at the SXSW festival, but will instead be held at the ATX Television Festival in Austin to take place in June. ET had previously reported murmurings of an Everybody Loves Raymond to take place at ATX back in October.

During the premiere event, when Romano was asked why he believes the sitcom, which premiered in 1996, has garnered such a passionate and loyal audience over the years, he joked, "'Cause I'm not naked in it?" He later shared that in reality, he believes that the show's success has been greatly based on the relatability and honesty of its characters and stories.

"I'm amazed," the actor relayed. "It seems to be just a common denominator that no matter where you're from, how you're brought up or your religion or beliefs, family is universal. It resonates with people."

Family does resonate indeed, and this special will certainly make for one heck of a family reunion.

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