Even though he's been dead almost 2 years now, Michael Jackson is back on Pepsi cans advertising for the cola maker. He might even be in TV ads with a hologram! Thank you Tupac! The soft drink company is partnering with the Jackson image and likeness to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his "Bad" CD.

The Jackson estate had this to say about the collaboration.

"Michael did three successive deals with Pepsi, on the Victory Tour, the Bad Tour and the Dangerous Tour, so this extends a long and very successful relationship with the brand. Michael would have loved that we are making the record books with his image on a billion cans around the world. And the campaign will be a great kickoff to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of BAD.”

Really? Micheal would have loved it? If you say so "Jackson-family-member-who-will-cash-many-checks-due-to-this-deal"

Here's more on the story "Michael Jackson Returns to Pepsi"


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