I say it every time something classic is remade. Whether it's an old song being redone by a hot new hip kid artist, a TV show being "retooled" for a new audience, or a movie being remade for the 21st century (the latest being a report that "Weird Science" will be updated) Every thing old is new again. The latest pop culture icon to be introduced to a new set of youngsters?

The Kool Aid Man. "Oh Yeah" and busting through a wall leaving a giant pitcher shaped hole while delivering the goods was his trademark. Now he's a 2k and wishy washy as Charlie Brown trying to ask out the little Red Haired Girl. Watch here in the new Kool Aide commercial.

NYDailyNews.com reports "The new Kool-Aid man looks more modern and is CGI-generated — the last iteration of the Kool Aid man wore shorts and an open button-down shirt. This Kool-Aid man is a frosty pitcher whose face is drawn in condensation. He's clear until he adds his color flavor each day.
He also talks during the commercials with an expanded vocabulary, saying more than his standard tagline, "Oh, yeah!" One TV commercial opens with the Kool Aid man getting out of the shower, saying that his life "isn't all cherry and sweetness," and introspectively asks, "Oh yeah?" in the mirror."

I'm not sure I want my Kool Aid man to be all sensitive and modern. Just yell "Oh Yeah" and pour me a glass, Man.

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