Monday mornings are already a drag, but if you're planning to head through Walker on Monday June 6th, you may want to plan to take a detour because large sections of the roadway will be closed.

Horizontal shot of a road closed sign.
Brad Ferguson

According to a post on facebook, the Walker Police Department is warning motorists that an 'extremely large' generator will be transported through the southern part of Walker on Monday morning. Officials say drivers should expect delays. The move will begin at approximately 8:30 am and they expect it to take several hours to make it's way down the road, as the equipment moves under 10 mph.


The generator requires special equipment for transporting since it's so large in size, and roads will unfortunately have to be closed to accommodate it, as it will likely require use of all lanes.

Where should I avoid?

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They say that the generator will come into the City of Walker on Butterworth, then move down to Wilson Avenue. Next it will head north on Wilson, and then go west on Lake Michigan Drive. Finally, it will continue to its destination in Ottawa County.

What's a good alternative path to get around?

Photo by Riley Crawford on Unsplash
Photo by Riley Crawford on Unsplash

Just my personal advice as someone who lives in the area- take the scenic route down O'Brien if you're trying to get downtown, or anywhere around the area. There are several side streets that branch off in multiple directions, so it should be easy to navigate around the area without too much trouble to time added to your commute.

Good luck as you head into work or wherever you may plan to go Monday morning, just make sure to give yourself extra time and have some patience if you plan to head into the Walker area. (Or avoid it entirely if you can.)

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