At least none of our local news shows got fooled!

A TV chef and a yo-yo trick champion have been making the rounds to TV stations in other parts of the Midwest (the parts west of here -- Illinois and Wisconsin) and claiming to make good food and can do tricks.

And, lo, neither can do either!

Deadspin has the story here "Fake Chef Fools Midwest Morning Shows, Makes Reporters Eat Gross Food" explaining:

Over the holidays, Keith Guerke appeared on five morning shows in Wisconsin and Illinois to promote his new cookbook and prepare some meals made from leftovers. One little problem: Chef Keith doesn't know how to cook. A ham, pie, and gravy smoothie. A mashed-potato ice cream cone with corn sprinkles. Perhaps the reporters, who happily sampled Chef Keith's gross concoctions, should have been wary when he compared his work to GG Allin's."

And then the story goes on to say that:

Morning shows are tough work. With hours of airtime to fill five days a week, maybe the vetting process for guests isn't what it could be."

That's how legends like K-Strass, the incompetent yo-yo master, are born.

You might have guessed by now that K-Strass and Chef Keith are kindred spirits. K-Strass, portrayed by Mark Proksch was co-created by Joe Pickett. Pickett and co-conspirator Nick Prueher, who are responsible for Chef Keith, are the creators of the Found Footage Festival, which begins touring this week. Prueher played the part of Chef Keith, and said the reporters and anchors couldn't have been nicer to him—even after the segments went awry.

Eager for holiday footage, the TV stations bought this malarkey. Always check your facts kids. Come on.

Tomorrow on "The Afternoon Hustle," I will have a new member of the band The Beatles.

I haven't actually talked to this guy named Ron, but he SAYS he plays drums real good.

(eyes rolling)

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