We've all been there. Your favorite sports team loses to a team known for blowing games like your team just did. It has to hurt.

It's kind of fun to be on THIS side of the blown game fence, but the Atlanta Falcons committed a serious blunder late in the game with the Detroit Lions Sunday that left their fans scratching their head.

I have empathy for this kid. His name is Caden Alvis and he likes to post videos about his favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons.

I feel as a Lions fan, I've been in his shoes WAY too often.

It's a slow burn for a little bit as he watches Todd Gurley fail to take a knee before scoring a touchdown, giving Matthew Stafford and the Lions time to rally.

'How could we lose...to the LIONS?', he asks incredulously.

And then at the end, the poor kid is despondent over how bad his Falcons have become.

Yup. I know THAT feeling. All too well.

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