Tomorrow will mark the last of the warm weather for the year and starting Wednesday, we won't see another day in the 70s before the Spring of 2020.

Today and tomorrow will get up into the upper 70s or low 80s before the thermometer finally dips below that 70° mark for the final time this season.  So, get out and enjoy that warm weather today and tomorrow before you need to break out the sweaters.

  • Monday, Sep 30 - High of 84°, Low of 57°, 20% chance of rain.
  • Tuesday, Oct 1 - High of 82°, Low of 71°, 70% chance of rain.
  • Wednesday, Oct 2 - High of 69°, Low of 62°, 60% chance of rain.
  • Thursday, Oct 3 - High of 60°, Low of 53°.
  • Friday, Oct 4 - High of 58°, Low of 44°.
  • Saturday, Oct 5 - High of 62°, Low of 45°, 30% chance of rain.
  • Sunday, Oct 6 - High of 58°, Low of 45°, 20% chance of rain.

But, if you are a fan of fall weather, you have much to be excited about these next couple of months, with most days estimated to be in the 50°-60° range and no chance of snow until November 14th, and that is just a chance for flurries overnight.

The real snow doesn't look like it will make an appearance until the first few weeks of December.  At least that's what the horribly inaccurate Accuweather 90-day forecast is saying.

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