Thousands of meteors are reported falling through the skies, but not many are caught on video. On Monday, one lucky Michigander caught one burning through the atmosphere. Driving south on 131, Andrew Gunneson happened to be filming as he drove, and caught the fireball as it burned through the Michigan sky.

According to the story on WOODTV, He described it as green, which you can't see in the video. Sciency people from the American Meteor Society explain that a burning green fireball means it was composed mostly of nickel.

Usually, debris from space burns up quickly in ur atmospere, but sometimes things do make it to the ground. This one looked like it got pretty far, but probably didn't come close to hitting the ground. Pretty lucky video catch, by a guy driving.

This is a really cool video of something that apparently happens a lot, but doesn't usually get seen, and less often captured on video! Very cool stuff, for all us geeky science dorks.

There are thousands of things falling through the sky, so remember to keep an eye out for something cool. But probably keep your eyes mostly on the road while you're driving. But if you do see something, you can report it here!

Oh, and don't try to film while you drive, unless you have a dashcam. That's how accidents happen.

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