Calling all Family Feud lovers and Google search wizards! We've found a game that will make your hearts swell with glee -- and probably Bogart your whole afternoon.

Some genius unofficially -- it isn't affiliated with Google or Family Feud -- merged the rules of the widely popular game-show with the thrill of the Google auto-complete query. So get ready to combine your Family Feud expertise with your Google search savvy.

The concept, dubbed "Google Feud", is simple. First you chose a category: Culture, People, Names or Questions. Then you have three chances to guess what word or phrase comes next in the Google auto-complete box. In true Family Feud style, when your guess is wrong a big red X flashes across the screen. Did we mention there are points involved? The closer your guess is to the first result, the more points you accumulate. You can't link your Facebook up to game (yet) but you'll be able to keep score, so you can show your friends what a Google search maverick you really are.

Make sure you have some time on your hands because the game is pretty addicting, although it definitely won't be taking the place of Candy Crush. All that is missing is Steve Harvey. If only he could be there cheering us on -- or just laughing at our answers. But beware, the rounds can get a little weird. For example: "Can I perform my own...?" In case you were wondering the top results are: Surgery, Marriage, and Membrane Sweep.

Tell us what you think! Is Google Feud the new Flappy Bird?

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