Yes it's true. The dollar menu at my local fast food joint is the prefect way to get a quick cheap lunch. Changes, however, are a-comin. And I have to be honest, im not really a big fan. And the folks at TV 13 are right there with me.

WZZM 13's Alex Shabad and Steve Zaagman went to check out what people can still buy at fast food chains with $1. They bought a main dish, a side, a drink, and a dessert at Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell. And they video taped it as well. Since they work at a TV station, it makes alot of sense.

I for one, can eat quite well on 3 bucks at most places. Except Charley's Crab. Can't enjoy delicious lobster for 3 bucks.