Cue the Price is Right Loser horns...sad face! The newest food and drink from the Pepsi company is only available in Japan. "Suntory, the Japanese distributor for Pepsi, is set to introduce new 'Pepsi Special,' which contains indigestible dextrin to reduce the absorption of fat after eating, on November 13.

The story "Around the World: Pepsi Japan - Fat Blocking Pepsi" on Brand Eating describes the new beverage from Pepsi this way:

"The new drink has received the "tokuho" designation (that's the human figure on the bottle that appears to be rejoicing) from the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency. The designation is short for "tokutei hokenyou shokuhin" or "food for specified health use" and is earned by foods in Japan where the companies have demonstrated that the food can deliver special health benefits. The advertising for the new drink features a man professing his love for fast food and drinking Pepsi Special after eating pizza and hamburgers."

That;s effective...drink the new Pepsi and eat what you want and the pounds will melt away. Even though they really AREN'T saying that, that's what they are saying...I wonder if this is like those fat-free potato chips form a few years back? The ones that kind of went right through you. None for me thanks, I'm driving.

Wonder how quick it will be before this gets to the US!

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