They tell you being fat isn't healthy, or it's bad for you or whatever. Well a new study throws that reasoning right out the window with the fat baby in the bathwater! The title says it all...Fat people live longer! Woo Hoo! Pass me another White Castle double cheeseburger!

A new study by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), is the largest and most comprehensive review of how weight can influence a person’s lifespan. "Step off the scales: New study says overweight people live longer" states

"The study examined how long people lived, how healthy they were when they died, or how they rated their quality of life. Results showed that overweight people were six per cent less likely to die during the average study period. Mildly obese people had a five per cent lower rate of premature death."

Reasons cited for longer life for fatties included "the health risks of being overweight are declining as medicine advances. For instance, heart disease deaths have fallen as blood pressure and cholesterol treatments have improved.
Some evidence suggests that overweight persons may have a better chance of survival during medical emergencies, and that fat may protect the heart, and may help individuals to withstand periods of illness."

Again I say it..."whoo hoo!" ;)