The streets of Grand Rapids are a little safer tonight thanks to the efforts of the Grand Rapids Police Department, the Wyoming Department of Public Safety, and the FBI in a project called - "Operation Cross Country X".

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What is 'Operation Cross Country X' (or OCCX) it's FBI sponsored 'Child Exploitation Task Forces (or CETFs)'. "Federal agents and detectives from state/local law enforcement agencies who investigate crimes against children, including human trafficking and child pornography."

This past weekend they were in action.

Over the weekend (14 and 15 October 2016), the FBI’s West Michigan Based Child Exploitation Task Force (WEBCHEX) conducted undercover operations in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area in an effort to recover juveniles and human trafficking victims.

Working with lots of agencies trying to save the kids and put the sex traffickers in jail.

Investigative efforts resulted in the arrest of eight traffickers (or pimps) and their associates. Seven adult prostitutes were temporarily placed into custody, and one human trafficking victim was recovered. All the victims were offered a variety of services within the community, such as job training, housing, counseling, and medical and education assistance. Although there were no juveniles recovered, intelligence was gained on trafficking operations that will be exploited in the future.

Sometimes you can really get drug down by the bad things that happen in the news. I'm glad to see some good news. The traffickers are in jail and the victims are given a chance to start over.

So, I guess all and all its a win for the good guys.

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