Here's another bright spot in this winter misery. The full 'Snow Moon', set for next Tuesday, February 18, will be the biggest Super Moon of the year.

It's just a damn shame we won't see it.

Hot on the heels of January's Super Blood Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon will be the largest Super Moon of the year. 

The Farmer's Almanac says the February full moon will be the closest to the earth of any full moon, making it 7% larger, and 15% brighter than any other 2019 full moon. this makes it a super moon, a term coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle, who defined it as “a new or full Moon which occurs with the Moon coming to within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth (perigee).”

So while we may not be able to see the Snow Moon due to the heavy cloud cover we've been enduring this winter (Tuesday's forecast is calling for clouds), rest assured the big old Snow moon will be shining down on us, giving us the light we need to see our way to spring. (How corny is that?)



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