Fidget spinners are the hottest toy right now which makes them nearly impossible to find in stores. Here's a look at which stores have them and which stores are getting them in West Michigan.

Haven't heard of fidget spinners? Then you haven't talked with many kids in the past few weeks. Fidget spinners are handheld devices with metal or plastic prongs that spin on a metal bearing as you hold it between your thumb and finger. You can also spin it on a flat surface or try to do tricks with it, but the hardest trick is finding one.

Matt Milhouse, TSM
Matt Milhouse, TSM

Some manufacturers claim that fidget spinners can help kids with ADHD or autism. Some parents have found this to be true, while others have not. The mixed reviews continue as the spinners show up in schools and some teachers are calling them a distraction.

You can order them online through Amazon or Walmart, but expect a long wait. If you want them now, you'll have to move fast. They're selling as quickly as they hit shelves. I've checked with stores all over West Michigan in the past 24 hours to see who has them and when they expect to get more in stock.

Five Below

  • A lot of the fidget spinners out there now came from Five Below. They had fidget spinners a couple of weeks ago, but all local stores are currently out of stock. The Grandville location on Canal Ave. ran out on Friday. That location gets shipments in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it's unknown if those shipments will include new fidget spinners.

Marathon Gas Station at 100th and US 131

  • Not a place you'd expect to find a fidget spinner, but they did have some before selling out. More fidget spinners are on order. When that order will come in is hard to say. It could be this Wednesday or later this month. Don't expect other Marathon gas stations to carry them. I got confused looks when I asked.

Toys "R" Us Express at Tanger Outlets

  • They haven't had any yet, but are expecting to get some soon. Possibly as soon as Tuesday, May 2. You'll likely find them displayed in the front window once they arrive. The clerk said she's getting 20-30 questions each day about fidget spinners.

Brookstone at Woodland Mall

  • They haven't had any in the store yet, but they are on the way. They are expecting them to arrive in the next week or two.

7-Eleven on Homestead Drive in Zeeland

  • Ran out of stock last Monday. Expecting more in about a week.


  • When I asked for fidget spinners I got a "are you kidding me?!" The clerk said her grandson made his own because they couldn't find them anywhere.


  • The Ivanrest location didn't have any. The employee explained that she knew word was out that they had them, but they don't. Also, "only the cool kids have them."


  • Online only.

Dollar Tree

  • No.


  • No.


  • No.

The Crossroads Mall in Portage

  • Yes! There's a kiosk in The Crossroads Mall which sells fidget spinners. They currently have many in stock. The person running the kiosk says they had a busy weekend. I'd expect that trend to continue as this is the only place we know that has fidget spinners in stock. You can buy them $7 each or 2 for $10. Glow in the dark spinners are $15 or 2 for $20. Good luck if you're up for a road trip to hunt down a fidget spinner!

Rylee's Ace Hardware on Michigan St. (Grand Rapids)

  • Yes! A hardware store isn't generally where you'd think to look for something like a fidget spinner, but Rylee's has them! They say they're flying off the shelves fast, and they also have fidget cubes available.

Don't want to head south or willing to wait for more to come to Grand Rapids stores?

Here's another alternative.

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