Take a look at this picture of Van Andel Arena from a week ago. Notice anything unusual about it? The doors, the statute of Jay Van Andel, the sidewalk are all there. But there's something else that has been there that isn't now. What is it?

And look at this picture of the front of the Amway Grand.


The flags. The taxi's. The foliage. The impressive facade. All there.

So what's missing?

The homeless people holding the "Shame on..." signs. Remember them? The non union workers holding signs for unions? Now maybe the "workers" have just found other ways to make money. But maybe, just maybe, our long local labor nightmare is over! Maybe the Van Andel/Amway people have settled their labor disputes? Maybe?

OK, maybe not. But I still wonder where the signs are. One would look kinda cool in the WFGR Studio. We have lots of "crap" in there, as it has been stated so well in the past by so many.


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