Recently people all around the United States started receiving seeds sent from China and now people are starting to get that they didn't order.

When the seeds started arriving randomly from China, there were warnings put out to not plant them.

When authorities found out what was going on, it turned out to be a scam called brushing. Brushing is when scammers locate your address, username or even your Amazon profile, then they send you unsolicited items to you but they are not gifts.

Scammers then use your info to post phony customer reviews to boost up their sales on the internet.

I can see why authorities would not want you to plant mystery seeds and not wear masks that were sent to you without your permission.

According to WOOD and WFLA, Clearwater, Fla., resident Shan Sharp was sent a package that had a couple masks inside and it also had her information and her cell phone number.

Now I don't about you but that would freak me out and then after the shock wore off I would be pretty mad that someone in China had my info.

WFLA spoke with Sharp and she said, "I was afraid to even open it after I saw it. I didn't want to keep it in my house." She then dumped the package in the trash.

Scammers who are doing this are not just sending out seeds and masks, other people have received jewelry. No matter what they send, it's usually very cheap and lightweight.

If you receive anything like this, you should turn it over to the authorities. Never plant seeds you don't know anything about because those seeds could be of an invasive product. Don't wear masks that are randomly sent to you, there's just no way of knowing what was done to it. Also, don't get fooled by jewelry either, you don't know what may have been done to it, plus if they are sending it to you in the mail free it won't be worth anything anyway.

So far the scams have not cost anyone any money but if you're getting unsolicited packages, odds are someone is using your name, likeness and reputation to make money off of you online.

If you do get a package like this, immediately change all of your internet passwords to protect yourself from future scams. It may be a good idea to periodically do this just to protect yourself from this kind of thing happening.

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