It's the Fish of the Week, presented by Fish Lads, located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

This week’s catch is a double catch: Alaskan king crab legs and jumbo shrimps.

These jumbo shrimp were caught in the waters of Mexico's Sea of Cortez, and are available at Fish Lads in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. (Photo: Jeff Butzow/Fish Lads)

While there are about 120 species of king crab, with the most desirable from Alaska waters being the Alaskan red king crab.

Red king crabs have legs known to reach a span of six feet in length.

They are found in the cold waters of the Bering Strait, between western Alaska and Russia's Siberia region with the U.S.-Russian border traipsing it. Because of red king crabs' size and the frigid waters, their legs are known to have a sweet, robust, snow-white tasting meat.

This week's second catch, jumbo shrimp, comes from the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California), which is situated between Mexico's Baja Peninsula and its mainland.

Fish Lads, located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, offers several types of fresh seafood dips for the holidays. (Photo: Jeff Butzow)

These jumbo shrimp are an excellent source of high-quality protein and low in fat. Shrimp are easily prepared by the following methods: boiled, broiled, baked, grilled or fried.

Fish Lads' Alaskan king crab and jumbo shrimp can be prepared for the perfect holiday appetizer.

The Fish of the Week is presented by Fish Lads, whose owner, Jeff Butzow, comes to Grand Rapids with serious fish knowledge from Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Market. He has created a reputation built on delivering fresh quality ingredients and making the best seafood available in Grand Rapids daily.

Fish Lads features dips that include a mouth-watering dungeness crab artichoke dip and three kinds of smoked fish dips.

Stop by Fish Lads and ask them how they can enhance your, a friend's or family's holiday meal with gift cards for the season. Or visit its website for more details.

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