It's the Fish Of The Week, presented by Fish Lads, located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market. This week’s catch are fresh oysters!

Fish Lads carries many different types of oysters that you can choose from. They fly in oysters from the West Coast, East Coast and even Western Europe, giving Fish Lads the freshest oyster bar in the city.

The best times to enjoy the freshest oysters are in the coldest months of the year (like now!). While you enjoy them, you can relax and be at ease knowing that oysters are rich in vitamins A, C, D and B-12. These vitamins are well known to help people lose weight and sharpen their memory.

The taste and texture of an oyster greatly depends on the location they came from. Oysters from colder water will have a firmer, crispier and crunchier flavor. The farther south you go, with warmer water, the softer the oyster becomes.

So how do you like your oysters? Raw, roasted, steamed, fried, scalloped, stewed, baked, stuffed, boiled, or sautéed? Don’t know? Come on down to Fish Lads' oyster bar and take a seat! They will shuck them for you right there on the spot. You can also find out how oysters are great for the holidays, or you can check out their website for a delicious oyster stuffing.

While you are at Fish Lads don’t forget to check out the rest of their menu and be sure to check out their all you can eat fishfries on Fridayss from 5-8pm.

The Fish of the Week is presented by Fish Lads! Owner Jeff comes to Grand Rapids with some serious fish knowledge. He comes to us from Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Market. Jeff has created a reputation built upon delivering fresh, quality ingredients and making the best seafood available in Grand Rapids daily.

Fish Lads will be hosting its first “seafood school” session on December 10th  at the Acorn Studios located near the corner of Diamond and Fulton. The First Class features - you guessed it - OYSTERS!!! Go to Fish Lads' website for further details.

Fish Lads, fish and seafood any fresher would be in the ocean.