There is a new trend spreading across the internet. People are eating Flaming Hot Cheetos and milk. Sound disgusting? Let's see...

Hot Cheetos and milk seems to be a popular combination and gaining popularity. On TikTok, there are more than nine users who use some combination of Cheetos and milk just as there username. Brandon Mohead has nearly 50,000 views of him trying the food combo. He's not alone. A quick search reveals that over a dozen people have tasted this and are gaining views for doing so.

JoJo Girard (who is not a fan of spicy Cheetos)  from WFGR tried the pairing. He stated,

"The milk cut the spice out of the Flaming Cheetos. It was more palatable. Once the sweet milk cut the spicy, it was just like cereal."

Here is the clip of WFGR's Taste Test Tuesday.

A couple fun benefits of eating Cheetos and milk...The milk will turn pink. And you won't get Cheedle on your fingertips.

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