Michigan and Notre Dame renew their storied rivalry Saturday in Ann Arbor. One of the best games between the two came in 2011.

With 1:41 left, Notre Dame was clinging to a 24-21 lead when all hell broke loose.

Denard Robinson led Michigan to a touchdown, only to have ND counter with a TD of their own and take a 31-28 lead with just 30 seconds left.

That's when Robinson performed a miracle with a frenzied 80 yard drive drive to win the game as time expired on a 16 yard touchdown pass to Roy Roundtree.

Here's the whole final 1:41, and it's great to hear analyst Kirk Herbstreit say he would just set up for the field goal and take a time out. Luckily, Denard couldn't hear him.

And here's Denard and Roy breaking down the last :30 drive to win the game. They were thinking touchdown the whole way.

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