Hey, that rhymes! It was one of the heaviest snow falls on record for mid-November, and it happened in 2014.

Let me amend that, it wasn't one of the snowiest November 18th. It was THE snowiest November 18th.

The storm, fueled by the warm water on Lake Michigan being blown over by frigid north winds which drove the temperatures into the teens, began on November 16th of 2104 and continued off and on for two days before coming to an end on the 18th and dumping more than two feet of snow on most of West Michigan.

The month ended with over 31 inches of snow, making it the snowiest November in the the history of Grand Rapids.

Strangely, although the bulk of the snow fell the week before Thanksgiving, most of it melted by the holiday, because I can distinctly remember driving to my sister's house in Saginaw in pretty good conditions with very little snow in sight.

Our first big snow of this season is due up Sunday night into Monday morning with about three inches expected. Weather prognosticators say they lake effect conditions are ripe for another event like this, if the winds are strong enough and cold enough.

We'll see how that plays out.

Here are some photos I took near and around Huff Park that week.

November 2014 Set A Record For Snow Fall

Grand Rapids Michigan, November 2014 Record Snowfall For November, Huff Park, November 2014 




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