After bringing the judges to tears in her comeback audition, Genavieve Linkowski kept her momentum rolling with a solid Hollywood week performance.

Linkowski, who was also a Hollywood finalist in 2018, nailed a performance of Calum Scott's 'You Are The Reason', leaving judges suitably impressed. Although in the Hollywood rounds there is no verbal feedback, Katy Perry could be heard to whisper, 'She's definitely grown, I liked it.'

Linkowski is from Goodrich, a suburb of Flint.

Here is Linkowski's brief performance on Monday's Hollywood week show. (It's toward the end of the video)

Linkowski's back story is a tear jerker. Since her last go round on 'Idol', in which she was eliminated without much fanfare, her sister tragically died in a car accident. Linkowski found herself depressed and found it difficult to sing.

Eventually she found her voice again and wowed the judges in the opening round.



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