Angela Peters lives in the Flint area and has cerebral palsy, and she went to a nail salon inside a Walmart recently to get a manicure.  The salon told her they couldn't help her, because her hands shake with her condition. That's when Ebony Harris stepped up.

Harris saw it happen, and she came to help Angela out.  She took her whole lunch break (Harris is a cashier at the same Wal Mart) and helped Angela pick out nail polish, and then applied it for her there at the Subway inside the store.

The act of kindness did not go unnoticed. Tasia Smith witnessed the helpful hand extended by Ebony to Angela and posted about it on her Facebook page, and the post went viral over the weekend.

To her credit, Harris says she doesn't want the salon to lose business, she just wanted to make Perry's day special. "No matter the person...she just wants to look pretty. She makes me appreciate my own life more. She is special to me."


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