With the Grand River spilling over its banks this week, most people refrained from using the playgrounds at Riverside Park.

Not these kids and their intrepid dad.

A video posted online by the dad shows the kids having the time of their lives while navigating the floodwaters invading the western edge of the popular park along the river north of Knapp Street.

At first, the kids seem to magically appear on the playground equipment (Dad later admitted on the Michigan sub/reddit page that he carried them out there using his fishing waders).

The kids use sticks to power the merry-go-round through the floodwaters, and then one goes down a slide to within an inch of the overflow.

Dad later takes them to another playground bobbing above the water on the north side of the park, which is closed to vehicle traffic due to the high waters.

The Grand River was expected to crest on Monday, but with more rain in the forecast, it might be another wet week in the flood zone.


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