It's been a busy week for Grand Rapids native Floyd Mayweather.

The world's best boxer:  announced his next opponent (Robert Guerrero), announced a new TV deal which could be worth over $250 million, then visited Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids to play a little basketball.

Mayweather's Las Vegas mansion has helped to keep us informed and entertained via Twitter.

Not familiar with Mayweather's career?  Don't worry. Mayweather's house, "Big Boy Mansion" on Twitter, will fill you in:

8x World Champion in 5 different weight classes. 43-0 with 26 KO's. 17 years on top.

We've also learned about parties, snowboarding, and more from both Big Boy Mansion and Floyd Mayweather via Twitter.

Did you know Mayweather taught Shaun White to snowboard, the mansion was "paid in cash" and sometimes the mansion gets "mad Floyd left"?

I'm not a huge horror movie fan, but I've seen enough films to know you NEVER make your house angry.  Good luck, Champ.

All of this activity has us wondering, what other inanimate objects with a tie to Grand Rapids should get their own Twitter accounts?

floydmayweather, twitter/rocklive
floydmayweather, twitter/rocklive

You can follow me on Twitter here.  Sorry, my house isn't into social media.  It's probably for the best.  It would just complain that I'm not shoveling the snow or mowing the lawn often enough.