If you love to read and love to trout fish, the two come together is a special place in Northern Michigan where you can fish where Ernest Hemingway did.

You don't have to travel to far in Grand Rapids to catch a trout. Many of the creeks and streams are loaded with those tasty trout.

If you are a bit more adventurous and are looking for a special trout fishing trip like no other that not only comes with lots of great fishing, but also some history involving one of America's most famous writers, Ernest Hemingway. There is a place up north on Walloon Lake that put you in the heart of Hemingway's history and almost allow you to walk in his footsteps in streams and rivers he walked when fly fishing for his first time.

According MLive, it is no secret that Ernest Hemingway spent many summers at a cottage on Walloon Lake, Michigan and many of his stories are based upon his experiences from those summers in a variety of locations in Northern Michigan.

There is a hotel by the name of Hotel Walloon that is located right on Walloon Lake that gives the trout fisherman a real one of kind trout fishing experience. They provide special packages that comes with your room and fly fishing for a guided half-day or full-day of fishing led by another Northern Michigan legend True North Trout.

If you would like to experience fly fishing in the way Hemingway did, there is no other experience like the one you will get at Hotel Walloon. It is the kind of fishing that takes you away from all the hustle and bustle and puts you in a serene place of peace with mother nature and the true beauty of tying on a special handmade fly to a fly rod and making that perfect cast in hopes of landing a sensational illusive trout from a Michigan river or stream.

If you decide you want to stay overnight, that is where the savings begin by knocking off 25% of your guiding wading or float trip, or a full day trip for 1 to 2 persons. You can book a trip for spring, summer or the fall of 2021 but bookings fill up fast so you may want to lock your trip in now. To get booked, just call 231.353.5000 or click right here.

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