Following yesterday's glimpse at the first images from 'Focus' comes the first official trailer for what's being described as a con-man romance film from the guys who brought us 'Crazy Stupid Love.' In 'Focus,' Will Smith definitely seems to be playing a slick variation on Ryan Gosling's character from their previous film, and if anyone knows how to play slick and charismatic, it's Will Smith, for sure.

'Focus' stars Smith as a professional con-man who appears to be leading a team of several other professionals. He introduces Margot Robbie's character to the tricks of the trade and the pair develop a relationship that will complicate things for both of them years later.

The first trailer hints at a film that is seductive and dramatic, and not nearly as comedic as 'Crazy Stupid Love,' the previous film from 'Focus' writing/directing team Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. We're intrigued by the concept, at the very least, and after Robbie's breakthrough performance in 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' it'll be interesting to see what she delivers here.

'Focus' also stars Rodrigo Santoro, BD Wong (!!!), and Gerald McRaney, and hits theaters on February 27, 2015 -- so it'll still be a little while before we see this one.

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