Had a bit too much fun ringing in the New Year? Firstly, hydrate! Secondly, get some food in that belly! The guys at brobible.com give us a list of foods & bevs that should help get you through this first day of 2012.


Refuel those electrolytes.


Not like there's ever a bad time for fries, but they are especially delicious when you're hungover.


A cup or two of the good stuff will pull you right back together, but too much will dehydrate you and give you a raging headache that will make you want to kill someone. You’ve been warned.

Mac and Cheese

Cheese, carbs, yum. And there's Easy Mac, if you still can't see straight enough to boil water.

Cold Pizza

Drunk you actually did one smart thing at 4am- ordered pizza! Congrats on passing out before you finished all of it, saving you a delicious treat for the morning after.

Scrambled Eggs

They apparently provide something called cysteine, which breaks down hangover toxins... and they only take about 2 minutes to make, so you can scarf them down and pass right back out.

More options to pull you through at brobible.com. Happy New Year!

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