The Food Network celebrity went on a tour last summer and he made a stop in Grand Rapids. While he was here he apparently had the best espresso in all of America! Neat!

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On a recent "The Alton Brown Cast" Alton Brown's personal podcast where he waxes poetic about ... you guessed it food. He did a show titled "Alton's Best of 2016" in it he names all of his favorite foods and drinks he had while on tour.

But what's the Grand Rapids tie in?

Well, when his tour made a stop in West Michigan he ventured around (I even wrote a blog about it) trying different foods and drinks.

While he was here he apparently had the PERFECT espresso. Specifically, his favorite kind cortado, that he called a 'very perfect cortado' Which is a double shot of espresso, that has been 'cut' with just a bit of warmed milk.

Drum roll please ....

In the Podcast, he makes mention of how hipster Wealthy St is and also what makes Rowster Coffee so good.

Espresso Shop of the Year: Rowster Coffee, Grand Rapids, Mich.
A very chill place for a very perfect cortado. The roast is right. The grind, the pull and the texture of the dairy, exactly right. And, best of all…once you have your cortado, served in a proper Gibraltar, you really want to just sit there and drink it.

The thing he likes most about it ... "It's quiet. Even when it's noisy. ... They cultivate this kind of 'be cool' feel. It's kinda like, there aren't a thousand people typing away on computers on the wifi. Hell, I don't even know if they have wifi. And the people there that are talking keep their voices down. So its ... its the absolute definition of 'chill'."

He also complimented Grand Rapids food scene, and said 'the people who are very nice'.

But don't take my word for it ... download the podcast and give it a listen.

Full disclosure, Alton is like my celebrity chef hero. My wife and I bought tickets to sit on the front row of his show and had a great time. It was a lot of fun.

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