With the significant rainfall this weekend, the National Weather Service has extended a flood warning throughout much of West Michigan, and the Kent County Road Commission is warning about closed roads.

The flood warning is extended through 1p.m. Monday, June 28th in the below counties.

  • Montcalm County
  • Ionia County
  • Allegan County
  • Barry County
  • Kalamazoo County
  • Kent County
  • Ottawa County
  • Van Buren County

The National Weather Service says 3 to 6 inches have been reported in the warning area and additional heavy rain is possible Sunday, which could cause additional flooding of roads, creeks, and streams.

Storms caused issues throughout the state yesterday. Fox 17 reports that four suspected tornados touched down in West Michigan Saturday, causing destruction, isolated power outages, and flooding concerns. Gov. Whitmer has issued a state of emergency in Wayne County, where rainfall has closed highways, displaced residents, flooded businesses, and caused power outages, The Detroit Free Press Reports.

In Kent County, several roads are closed due to water over the road.

As of Sunday morning, the Kent County Road Commission says the below roads are closed. They also remind drivers NOT to drive through "water over the road" conditions, even if the road has not been officially closed. If you cannot see the road - just water - turn around.

  • Westbound M-21 between Settlewood Drive and Bennett Street (Posted Detour: Settlewood Drive to Parnell Avenue, Parnell Avenue to Vergennes Street, Vergennes Street to Pettis Avenue, Pettis Avenue to M-21)
  • Cherry Valley Avenue– 76th Street to 84th Street
  • Thornapple River Drive – 60th Street to 68th Street
  • 60th Street just east of Pratt Lake Avenue
  • 64th East of Pratt Lake Avenue
  • 68th Street between Wingeier Avenue and Pratt Lake Avenue
  • 72nd west of Wingeier Avenue
  • 84th Street between Alden Nash Avenue and Wingeier Avenue
  • 100th west of Kinsey Avenue
  • 100th Street west of Cherry Valley Avenue (M37)
  • Hanna Lake Avenue south of 60th Street
  • Pratt Lake Avenue between 68th Street and 64th Street
  • Pratt Lake Avenue between 64th Street and 60th Street
  • N. Lake Street north of Emmons Street (Caledonia)
  • Wingeier Avenue between 68th Street and 64th Street

The Kent County Road Commission says they will continue to monitor conditions and close/open roads as conditions warrant. Check back here for updates.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office is advising people staying off all rivers in Kent County for the time being.

Walker Police have also posted a warning to residents about flooded roads.

Two parks in Kent County are closed due to flooding.

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