The NFL pre-season is underway! That means it’s time to start rolling out the new food items at football stadiums across the country.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the foods you will find…

In Cleveland, Browns fans can try the Mr. Porky Brat. This brat is topped with barbecued pulled pork, shredded cheese, and jalapenos.

It’s the B’more Stak for fans in Baltimore. This is a pile of fries topped with shaved beef, crab dip, aged cheddar cheese, green onions and cherry peppers.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

In Minnesota, the Vikings get a new stadium and a new food item. You can try the Skol Dog. It’s a hot dog topped with bacon jam (I’m not sure what that is, but anything with bacon is usually pretty good), yellow mustard , and purple (yes, purple) potato chips.

Down in Kansas City, it’s the Sweet & Spicy Dog. This is another grilled hot dog, but this one is topped with Sriracha kettle corn. (I’m not sure what that is...nor did I know such thing even existed.)

And it looks like the Detroit Lions will have several new items as well...Like a 4 pound Cider Mill Donut that is topped with blue frosting and sprinkles. I should also add that it has an apple pie filling. It will cost you $15. There are other items as well. I'm not sure what the House-made Pretzel is supposed to look like...but I can definitely tell you what I thought it looked like! To see all the new items, here is a link to the Detroit Free Press.

Let’s the games begin!