Xavier Davis spent five months of his life behind bars in the Kent County Jail for a crime he didn't commit. He wants them to apologize. 

Davis was exonerated of sexual assault charges when the DNA evidence didn't match. He was expecting someone from Kent County to say 'Sorry about that.'

It ain't happening.

The experience from hell started for Davis back in December of last year when a woman claimed Davis assaulted her near 44th and Kalamazoo. Davis maintained his innocence, claiming he hasn't been in that neighborhood in eight years.

Police claimed they had video evidence that he met the victim at a party, and when she picked his photo out of a lineup, they arrested him and tossed him into jail. It didn't help that Davis' record included previous prison time for home invasion.

Eventually authorities came for a DNA sample, which relieved Davis.

"I had already told the detectives that when the DNA come back, you guys are going to see that it’s not a match to me; I’m trying to save you a bunch of trouble now," Davis told WOOD-TV 8.

The DNA came back negative on March 6, but it was more than two months later before Kent County prosecutors released him.

In the meantime, he lost his job, his rental housing, and his life, for that matter.

"The least they could have done is apologize: 'Hey, we’re sorry.' I mean, you guys have screwed my life up," Davis told WOOD-TV. "Imagine what it’s like being frightened walking down the street every time you see a GRPD cruiser thinking they’re going to stop you, that is the fear they have put in me."

The Kent County Prosecutor's Office said they followed procedure and had enough reason to arrest Davis, and have yet to apologize.

Apparently, it's hard for them to say they're sorry.

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