Yes, alcohol will be involved!

Now that I got the most important question answered, MLive reports that this grown-ups (and I use that lightly) only summer camp, travels to different metro areas around the U.S., and will be coming to Michigan for the first time in June!

Camp No Counselors, who appeared on Shark Tank, are the ones behind this and it's basically everything you remember about summer camp as a kid, but now as an adult (plus booze of course). According to their website, activities; accommodation; meals and an open bar are all included at this three-day camp.

Just like when you were a kid, you'll be staying in a cabin with 5 or 6 bunk beds which means you'll have roomies. During the day you'll be taking part in different activities. SOME of these include zip-lining, rope courses, scavenger hunts, a bunch of different water activities, softball and SO MANY MORE ACTIVITIES! See all of them here. Then make sure to rest up cuz every night there'll be a themed-party with DJ's and bands (and alcohol, duh).

How fun does this sound?! Camp No Counselors will be in Michigan at the Manistee National Forest, in Newaygo, from Thursday, 6/22 through Sunday, 6/25. Registration is NOW open and you can sign up as an individual or with a group. The cost is between $525-$599 which may seem a little pricey... but think about it... an entire weekend away, where YOU get to be the kid sounds worth it to me!

If interested, you can register here.

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