Garry Frank is no longer working at FOX 17, but his weather rant from a few years back continues to pop up. This time on John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight'.

Frank, who works now in Kansas City, went viral in 2017 with his rant about how his co-hosts don't pay attention to his forecasts.

The thing with viruses is they keep recirculating, and John Oliver, the host of HBO's 'Last Week Tonight' found the clip and used to kick off his deep dive into the weather.

'I honestly wish all local news was delivered like that!' exclaimed Oliver, who then went off on a NSFW group of examples of how the news might sound if Frank's whiny style was used by everybody. And I mean it's really not safe at loud volumes at work, so you've been warned.

Here's the rant in its entirety if you want to see it.


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