Grand Rapids Community College's football program was discontinued in January of 2012, but before it ended, it had three former players who have a played in the NFL.  One of these athletes, Nick Truesdell, made his NFL debut on Sunday night with the Minnesota Vikings.

Trusedell only played a single game with GRCC's football program due to an ACL injury, but that still makes him the only active NFL player with "Grand Rapids CC" in their NFL bio.

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Nick Truesdell started college in 2008, playing for the University of Cincinnati, but was released from the team after 6 games.  He didn't play college ball again until 2011, during GRCC's final season as a program but injured himself in the only game he played in.

Truesdell's story is quite unique, as is his speed in relation to his size.  He has received a lot of attention in the last 2 years from several NFL teams due to the fact that he is 6'6", 250+lbs, and can run the 40 in 4.6 seconds.

Two other GRCC players, Bob Lurtsema and Carl Powell, played in the NFL.  Lurtsema played from 1967-1977 for the Giants, Vikings, and Seahawks.  Powell played from 1997-2005 for the Colts, Ravens, Bears, Redskins, and Browns.  Another famous GRCC alum is Dave Rozema, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers during their 1984 World Series winning season.

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