Being arrested once for attempting to break into a house naked, maybe there could be some sort of misunderstanding? But three times? Well, something is definitely not right.

The Detroit News reports that former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II has been arrested naked for the third time. 

According to police, Wilson tried to force his way into an Oregon home and then took his clothes off. The homeowner said Wilson was acting erratically. When police arrived, Wilson emerged from a shed in the backyard nude.

This incident follows a previous one in January in which he was arrested after being found naked outside a home in Portland.

In June 2016, Wilson was shot after trying to break into another Portland home while naked. Police found him in the water fountain in the backyard. He was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injures.

Wilson was drafted by the Lions in 2005 and played three seasons in Detroit before an injury ended his football career.

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