Former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky congratulated Tiger Woods in the most Detroit Lions way ever.

The last time Tiger Woods won a major tournament was 2008, which was not the best of years for Detroit Lions fans, because the team set a record for futility by losing every game that year to go 0-16.

The watermark for their awfulness was a play in which quarterback Dan Orlovsky, in his first start with the team, ran out of the end zone for a safety while scrambling against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a play that made the list of one of the worst NFL plays EVER.

In a poignant moment following Tiger Woods return to glory on Sunday, Orlovsky found that he could smile at his pain, by tweeting a reference to the error while congratulating Tiger.

Well, if he can laugh it off, so can I.

2008 was a great year for Tiger, and a bad one for the Lions.

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