Hired to protect and serve but wound up serving his own sick needs and now this former sheriff deputy will be serving hard time.

We hear about sex crimes and drug abuse all the time, but it's even worse when we hear it's someone who is hired to protect us all from this kind of thing.

According to FOX 17, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel prosecuted 39-year-old Andrew Wernette of Reed City for 9 counts of possessing child sexually abusive material and a pile of felony drug crimes. He will serve concurrent sentences all on of the counts against him.

If you was to see this monstrous list of crimes and how much time Wernette will serve for each conviction click here.

If you saw the list of crimes Wernette and how much evidence the state had on him, you can see why he pleaded guilty.

Wernette will now register as a tier two sex offender but he may not ever get out of prison for the public to have any use for his new title. How do you go from a sheriff deputy to a dirt bag, I guess that will be a mystery but the good thing is he is off the street and Osceola County is now a better place because of it.

Fox 17 reported that Judge Scott Hill-Kennedy said, "this defendant took advantage of the position he held as a law enforcement officer to obtain various drugs for his personal use and engaged in extremely disturbing acts that exploited minors."

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