Justin Verlander finally looked human last night, giving up two home runs in game two of the World Series. But what made him a great teammate in Detroit was that he was a leader and an inspiration.

Last night was no exception. Verlander emerged, half dressed from the visitor's locker room at Dodger Stadium and yelled something at his teammates. The moment was caught on camera for all the honest world to see.

They responded by tying the game and winning 7-6 in 11 innings.

So what did Verlander yell at them?

"I just wanted to really remind these guys how great they are," Verlander told reporters after the game. "I've pitched against them, I know how good they are. It doesn't matter how good a pitcher you are, this lineup can hurt you so quickly. And I guess maybe that was just my message, is stay positive. Remember how good you are. And just play the game."

Play they did, smacking three home runs in extra innings alone to win the game and tie the Series at 1-1 heading back to Houston for game three Friday night.

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