In addition to being a beer enthusiast and a space nerd, I’m also a movie buff.

There’s nothing I love better than waking up on a Saturday morning and getting sucked into some old movie on TCM.

In fact, my New Year’s resolution for the last couple years has been to watch all 100 movies on the American Film Institute's "100 Years...100 Movies" list, but so far I’ve only reached half of my goal- I’ve been stuck at 50 movies for three years now.

Anyway, when someone asks me what my favorite movies are the main criteria I base my answer on is this: could I watch this movie over and over again without ever getting tired of it? Or similarly, “if this movie were on TV would I sit down and watch it regardless of what point I came in?”

Almost Famous, Dazed and Confused, Airplane!, Young Frankenstein, and Forrest Gump are among the handful of movies to which I could answer: yes.

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced that Robert Zemeckis' Academy Award Best Picture-winning Forrest Gump will get an exclusive one-week IMAX re-release to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the film's original theatrical release in 1994.

The film will be digitally re-mastered for IMAX and released by Paramount Pictures in IMAX theaters starting September 5.

Forrest Gump will also be released by on a special Diamond Luxe Blu-ray which will be available on September 30 and an Anniversary Edition of the film will also be available on Digital HD with behind-the-scenes special features, including never-before-seen footage of Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise on the Paramount lot in 2014 during a special trip arranged by the Gary Sinise Foundation for wounded veterans and their families.

Seriously, every time Forrest Gump is on TV I have to watch it no matter what point in the movie it's at!

Check out theForrest Gump re-release trailer below: